Here’s Something Else about us …


We Are Something Else magazine - or WASEmag, for short - is a publication started in March 2018 by Charles K. and Bill Poon. It’s aim is to explore the boundaries of what is being created in different photographic genres with one common denominator: the human body, more frequently in it’s nude, pure, minimalist form.

WASEmag is interested in self-expression, freedom, form, shape, light & shadow, movement, stillness, emotion, fluidity, transparency, nudity, portraiture in all types of photographic media: analog film, instant film, digital.

Most of all we are interested in Humans looking through both sides of the lenses. 

We are a mixed media publication taking advantage of the many vehicles and formats available today: this website as the center of our content, a quarterly print magazine with selected content, our Instagram feed as a more instantaneous communication channel and a preview of what we publish here.

We are also constantly innovating and adding new types of content.

WASEmag was thought from the start to be global, and to include global cultures without privilege or prejudice. We do our best to communicate with creators all around the world, and whenever someone asks “where are you located”, we answer “wherever someone is creating” … within our necessarily limited editorial boundaries, of course.

We are happy to know that we are currently viewed in 100+ countries around the world, as shown in the Google Analytics map below. viewers around the world - updated October 31, 2018

If you're a photographer or a model with a set of images that are Something Else - extraordinary, uncommon, uncanny - send it to us, we'll be happy to consider your images for publication!

Please consult our submission page for formats, rules and legal notice.

In any event, to keep up with our latest news, upcoming print issues, release of new photo galleries... this big subscribe button up right is waiting for you!

the WASEmag team



CEO & Publisher

Charles K. (Brazil) - IG @charleskphotography

Photography Editor

Bill Poon (Australia) - IG @billpoonphotography

Associate Editor

Ross Spirou (Australia) - IG @ross_spirou_photography

Written Content Editor

Jessica Taidart (Belgium) - IG @jessicaw_model

Creative advisors

Alexandre Cabrita (Portugal) - IG @alexandrecabrita
Adam Landis (US/Japan) - IG @art_landis
Carolina Martin Quiroga (Spain) - IG @carolmarttin
Paul Van Bueren  (Netherlands) - IG @paulvanbueren
Steven Sutter (Canada) - IG @drjpermanent

Content Manager

Charles K. (Brazil) & Jessica Taidart (Belgium)

Art Director / Print Layout

Otavio Sant'Anna (Brazil)

Business Development Advisor

André C. (Brazil)