Thoughts about nude photography from Nanjing, China

by Ji Lixiong
When I ask my friends about nudity, some think that it is disrespectful to the human body. As long as the private parts are exposed, people will have infinite imagination: they think that nudity will produce sexual desire. People from older generations think it is an expression of self-hate.

When I first came into contact with photography, I also thought that nude photography was disrespectful to the human body. Then I gradually appreciated the beauty that the human body brought with it, and slowly changed my thinking.

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Ji LixiangComment
What modelling taught me - life lessons that go outside the studio

by Aurora Sprengel
One could describe modelling in a simplistic way by comparing it to the cycle of sunrises and sunsets. When you start you are basically bathing in a pool of darkness as you know nothing (apart from the fact you look ok). So you gropingly scramble in the darkness for a while until, gradually, you submerge in sweet enlightenment. The time when you bask in the sun, feeling fabulous, yet still working hard, is like being in a trance of the “Heaven is a place on earth” song. These are the good days when you already know how to pose and absolutely kill it, when putting on makeup isn’t such a struggle anymore. Challenges do not disappear, naturally, but one learns mechanisms that facilitate facing them. Then there also comes the time of sunset – the time when you need to know how to step away from modelling gracefully.

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Aurora SprengelComment
Dissipating the Fog

This essay is about discarding the mental baggage and letting my creativity soar.

Selecting the images for this essay has been much more than “selecting” the images. It has been a process of going through my 120-odd art nude photoshoots with a fresh eye and without the fog of depression and self-doubt that led me to reject so many images in the past. Finding the gems that no-one has seen before, including – in a figurative way – me.

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