Milan Maliackal

This is Milan, aka @sixtykilosofflesh

Those delicate fine-art portraits come from Kerala, in India, with the following text:

My name is milan maliackal. I’m 21 years old and I'm from Kerala, India.
I love photography because photographs can tell stories and I love to create art...
I love drawing as well but I think photography is more comfortable for me !


We usually don't comment on artist's work because we believe images should speak by themselves - and these are saying so many things so loud that we'll be quiet once again.

We would just take the opportunity to say, since this magazine was born in early 2018, we have been seeing beauty, diversity and reflections being produced all over the world. 
People from 42 countries are collaborating with us as we write this and this number keeps growing. We are happy to bring together all those perceptions, cultures, forms of expression.
However, due to how hard language barriers can be, to how vast our planet is and due to the fact that we have limited resources, it has been hard to reach further than we already have. If you are an artist and you believe you are doing something different, something that doesn't really have a place ... please submit your work, send us mail, get in touch through our Instagram.
Our message is simple: Art has no boundaries and respects no frontiers. Help us spread that vision as far as possible.

We leave you now with Milans' images.

Thank you,
We Are Somethine Else Magazine