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Charles K.

Brazilian photographer
CEO of WASE & publisher of WASEmag


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Country: Brazil
Based in: Rio de Janeiro but travelling as often as possible
Mail: charles “at” wasemag.com
Flickr: getting started
IG: @charleskphotography
Website: this one! :o)

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The Naked Truth Blog [writer]
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Short intro

I’m a professional photographer developing a method called “unposing”. Unposing is about getting to a session and letting go of everything - just “being there”, in a Zen way, in any Zen way you might feel adequate.
I think of those collaborating with me as persons seeking nude art photography as a means for self-expression. We work together and there are no “models” for there are no standards, nothing to “model”. Each session is unique and even the images you might perceived as posed are the result of movements, postures, contorsions … ways of ‘just being there’.
Feel free to contact me by mail to talk about my work or if you want to model for me! Good TFP work is welcome.
[Read a more extensive text about my work after the image galleries.]



Charles K - WASEmag Curated Portfolio




I’m Charles K., CEO and founder of WASE, publisher of WASEmag, as well as a pro photographer currently living in Brazil. 

I’m a Literature and Linguistics major with an MA in Portuguese Literature.
I lived a couple of years in Paris when I was a teen and that was the start of my lifelong passion for painting and sculpture. At that time - late 70’s - I had a Canon A1 with just two lenses, an FD 50mm f1.4 and an FD 70-210 zoom. No stabilization, no auto-focus and I didn’t carry a tripod (never liked the idea of ‘fixing’ things).
As a kid, I had the chance to see a little of Europe with my parents, shooting chromes (Kodachrome and Ektachrome) and BW (mostly Tri-X). ISO 64 to 200 was the norm for chromes — I’m still proud of getting some handheld shots inside Gothic churches and castles.
I spend one year in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying computational linguistics, and later I came back to the US to get training and then develop new Project Management techniques in software localization, mostly working for Microsoft Projects in Palo Alto.
I finished graduate studies in Brazil and since then I’ve spent most of my life (so far!) working with the book publishing industry. I’ve translated 70+ books, edited or published 250+ more. I was also one of the founders of renowned and prized Literature and Philosophy magazine "34 Letras" - later "Editora 34" when I was just 22 ~ 25.

Photography is a passion that started long before I had a camera. Although I don’t remember that as I was quite your when he passed away, I had a grandfather who took photos as a hobbyist, then followed by my father, also an amateur photographer that lugged his Minolta SLR around when we traveled.

And now I need to finish this text and then edit it but at least it’s online so that I can get it going!