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At some point in 2017 I went to a photographic exhibit that changed my view of black & white forever.
I’ll find the name of the photographer and write it here eventually (and therefore you’ll hopefully come back again!) but it was some kind of silver gelatin print using a high contrast technique that I don’t see much these days.

I thought “that can’t be done in digital… can it?”. So I got back home and for a long while I hacked at the many coding mistakes and errors that Adobe let in Lightroom.

I arrived at a number of high contrast metallic tones that require a specific lighting techinique, plus a very specific processing in LR (I don’t know anyone who has talked about it yet and I’m pretty much convinced it’s bad math + digital clipping errors that generate an unwanted, but rather cool, histogram reversal and total interface failure).

It’s also very demanding on camera sensors as one must always work with a wide dynamic range and a huge capacity of both highlight and shadow recovery — this is Sony/Nikon territory, land of the brave.

I’ve been working with it; leaning, developing my system, the light and getting to sculptural effects.

I hope you enjoy the current state of my research and drop me a line if you want to talk about it.




Model credits



Nikon D810, 80mm 1.8 G, 24-80mm D

Shot with one or two continuous lights on opposite sites, both going through softboxes very close to the subject.

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