Laure: Static Dances


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“Laure: the Danse” is an on-going story and experimental aesthetic project I’m developing with this incredible flexible woman, dear friend and also 2017 World Pole Dance champion in the 40+ category, then 2018 WPD vice-champion.

This series is heavily influenced by all the images I’m seeing as publisher of WASEmag as I try to project one vision of a body that’s still feminine, but muscular; that’s tense and still, in a state of potential flow: movement is what’s next, but never in the frame.

As I develop my chiaroscuro technique, inspired by Renaissance painters, I’m also trying to move seamlessly from images that work in black and white and others that work best in color.

Finally, this is probably the shoot where my camera moves the less. Because of space limitations and the need for Laure’s movements to happen inside a restricted light field, for the first time I kept my subject, camera and single light source mostly in the same place.



Model credits

Laure Quiquempois
IG: laurequiquempois


Nikon D810, Nikon D750 + Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 D, 80mm f/1.8 G, 24-80mm D, 105mm DC
Sony A6000 w/adapter for Pentax 67 + Pentax 67 55mm
Nikon FM; Nikon F4; Pentax 6x7 w/90mm; Mamiya 645 w/80mm
Mostly shot with ambient light or a continuous light + difusers

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Charles K.