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Nataly’s set has been shot in São Paulo in 2016 during two days in a hotel room.

This was our fist shoot. Although I had been taking photos with analog cameras ever since I was 12 yo (I had a “lomo” Kodak 155 instamatic then), this was one of my first “full nude” shoots.

Although it’s not that old, my style changed drastically. I still like the images I present here and Nataly has ever since becom a friend, but I’d do things quite differently today.

PS - In my best “George Lucas” behavior I reprocessed all the files in 2018. They look closer to how I see them today.



Model credits

Nataly - IG: ____


Nikon D7100, Nikon D750 w/50mm D, 80mm G, 24-80mm D
Sony A6000 w/ various M42 lenses

Mostly shot with ambient light or a continuous light + difusers

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Charles K.