Charles K.


Brazilian Photographer
CEO and publisher of WASEmag


Country: Brazil
City: Rio de Janeiro
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I’m Charles K., CEO and founder of WASE, publisher of WASEmag, as well as a pro photographer currently living in Brazil. 

Quick trip to the past as this portfolio meant to be my “main reference” page on the web…

I’m Brazilian, currently living in Rio de Janeiro - a beautiful but rather messy town. I’m Literature and Liguistics major with an MA in Portuguese Literature. I lived a couple of year in Paris when I was a teen and that was the start of my lifelong passion for painting and sculpture. At that time in the late 70’s I had a Canon A1 with two lenses, a 50mm f1.4 and a 70-210 zoom. No stabilization, no auto-focus and I didn’t carry a tripod. I had the chance of travelling around Europe as a kid with my parents shooting chromes (Kodachrome, didn’t like Fuji colors back then) or BW (mostly Tri-X). ISO 64 to 200 was the norm for chromes and I’m still proud of getting some good handheld shots inside dark churches and castles.

I finished graduate studies in Brazil and since then I’ve spent most of my life (so far!) working with the book publishing industry. I’ve translated 70+ books, edited or published 250+ more. I was also one of the founders of renowned and prized Literature and Philosophy magazine "34 Letras" - later "Editora 34" -, much later a book editor and digital content manager at Editora Sextante, then more recently CEO and founder of Bookmakers, a publishing start-up dedicated to new Brazilian authors.

Photography is a passion that started long before I had a camera. Although I don’t remember that as I was quite your when he passed away, one of my grandfathers took photos as a hobbyist, followed by my father, also an amateur photographer that lugged his Minolta SLR around when we traveled.


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