Adam Landis



American photographer
based in Tokyo



Shadows, lights & bodies

These models brought a wonderful energy to this shoot, infusing it with a feeling of the city that I could never describe with words. This is why this series is about everyone’s feelings about everyday life. It's about shadows, just a little light, and bodies.

These happen to be the three things that first brought me to photography, and I feel it's fitting that they are the things I have chosen to pursue after some consideration.

Through playing with light and shadow and making bodies into exotic-yet-familiar compositions I feel that we can get closer to an appreciation of the human body that, in a way, feels discouraged in many cultures at the moment. Each one of us hides under pounds of clothes something that is dear and precious.

By making art about the human form, I hope to elevate the dialogue around nudity in the international community. With every frame I hope I can foster a connection between the audience and the model, to convey a shared emotion. The Black that always lingers in the shots helps the background fall away.

Its about the models, not anything else.


Adam Landis is an American photographer living in Japan.

He first picked up a camera in high school only because his friend wanted to take a photography course, and having nothing better to do, he followed suit. Initially he was interested in photography only as far as spending time with his friends, but slowly the first year passed and the second and third followed.

Before he knew it, he found himself studying photography at a local community college, and then shortly after at the Virginia Commonwealth University. He discovered a drive and passion for capturing moments in time and moments with people.

After university, he went on to work with Chris Winton-Stahl at Winton-Stahl Productions. However, with the unfortunate passing of Chris in 2016, Adam moved to Japan to get a fresh start. Living in Japan, he has continued to create portraiture.

Adam Landis [US born, Tokyo/Japan based]
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