Bill Poon & Poetic Minx



The Hotel Roll


Bill Poon was a commercial photographer in Melbourne Australia from 1983 to 2014, specialising in fashion and performance arts. Now in semi-retirement, he pursues his passion in fine art photography and shoot to his own briefs.

Poetic.Minx, aka Hekatella, is a versatile and extremely passionate full-time model with over 4 years of experience. Currently lives in Sydney, but tours internationally.

WASEmag believes Art is something that often happens in-between photographers and models. This is the first in a series of essays showcasing one-to-one collaborations between one photographer and one model. They are meant to allow our viewers to experience those images as part of a creative process, and not just random pixels in a social network stream. 



About Bill Poon [ @billpoonphotography ]

He went into semi-retirement in 2015 to pursue his passion in fine art photography and shoot to his own briefs. Having experienced the transition from film to digital in the commercial world, he has now returned to shooting solely in analogue and Instant Film mediums. Bill has been in twelve solo and group exhibitions both in Australia and internationally, and has been
published in a number of art publications. He prefers not to crop any of his images, believing that what he sees in the view finder should be what the viewers experience.

About Poetic.Minx [ @poetic.minx  / @hekatella ]

She mainly works as a fashion and fine art model, although avoids putting herself in a specific niche as she believes that as a human we have a whole gamut of emotions and they are all equally important. Also a published writer and  poetess.

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