Double Take: Bill Poon vs. Nakita Fox

Bill says (with talkative complements from the Publisher):

When our publisher Charles K. got digital word that Nakita Fox, a travelling Minstrel of Beauty (aka "model") based on Wellington [New Zealand], would be touring Melbourne [Australia], he contacted Nakita to invite her for an exclusive feature shoot for WASEmag.
Nakita agreed, Charles contacted me and of course I jumped at the chance, as I have known Nakita’s work for a while and I wanted to show her from a different perspective, adding another layer to her sexy & steamy portfolio (do check her site later, it's worth the clicks). We exchanged messages a couple of times, scheduled the shot... I had a couple of definite ideas in mind, but like any other shoots, we headed off to different directions when Nakita stepped onto the set.
These are some of the results from our short two hour shoot. 

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Nakita's website:

Photographer: @billpoonphotography
Artist in front of the camera: @nakitabox