Dmytro Gurnicki



is a Russian analog/digital photographer now based in Poland



Woman as they are

Dmytro is a hybrid photographer born in the USSR and now based and working in Poland.

I started out using a digital compact, and transitioned through to DSLR to also include analog medium format.

I photograph women as they are - without makeup and without clothes. Mostly.  Well, sometimes with make-up.

The less the model is "the model", the happier I am. 

My photographs have been featured in several exhibitions, covers and publications.


IG: @gurnicki
FB: DmytroGurnicki


Stacey - Stacey @poisonouspoppies

Wera - Weronika @wera.rowera

Magda - Magdalena Zawada @lacrima_mosa_photomodel

Jessi - Jessica @jessilonge

Dova - Dová Aina @dovaniaen

Wiktoria - Wiktoria

Daria - Daria @how_dar_ya

Kinia - Kinia

Lisia - Lisia Photomodel @lisia.dama

Burza - Katarzyna @katarzyna_burzynska_sychowicz

Magda - Magda @m.oslislok

Anrossie - Anna @anrossie

Elfik - Elfik @elfik_95

Kate Ri - Kate Ri @kaciaryna_ri

Inka - Inka @inka_photomodelAG - AG


Dmytro Gurnicki