Greta Isabella Conte



is a pro cinematographer and photographer base in Berlin, Germany



During my first experiences as a assistant camerawoman I developed the passion for creating images. I said to myself "What they are doing, I can do as well - if not better".

So I started experimenting with different cameras and shot my first short movie.

When I begun studying cinematography with 25, I came in touch with analog photography and filmmaking and discovered my fondness for the analog way of taking pictures.

I was mesmerized by the female body, so I started my first series of nude photography. It helped me with my personal problems and gave me the courage to follow my instinct.

Since then I created several series of the female body and I also developed and created my first female erotic movie, which got featured by Erika Lust.


As I was struggling with my first long depression last winter, after I was sexually abused for the third time, I knew I must do something. Take a stand for myself and other women.

It was unbearable to see myself without energy to start the day or getting out of bed.

The one thing that helped me was taking my camera and texting my first model Monique if she had time for a nude shoot. My father once gave me his collection of old film rolls and I picked two for my shooting with Monique.

Right after the shoot I felt way better. I was alive again and I felt like I achieved something. I couldn’t wait for the rolls to be developed.

The female body is a beautiful gift of our nature, which I try to capture as pure as possible in its beauty and sensitive uniqueness.

I don’t want to say I am thankful for the painful things I experienced, but I learned to make something out of it and to do something I love and to be the woman I am today.

Everyone has their scars.

Try to transform them.



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