Kit Anghell



is an amateur photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia



My name is Kit Anghell.

I have been interested in photography for a long time. During this time I engaged in various types of photography, both analog and digital. I try to work without additional computer processing,  as I think that everything that might be relevant can and should be done while shooting.

I prefer to shoot nudes because clothes are like a mask for the body. Without clothes, there is no mask, the person will be open, with nowhere to hide and therefore will be capable of finding one’s true self.

I shoot mostly ordinary people, not professional models. In photography, I tend to like appreciate setups in which I can convey those elusive movements of the soul, usually hidden inside people under the guise of everyday vanity and indifference regarding the world around them.

I hope I’m succeeding in this mission!


* Editor’s note: the author had a previous account that Instagram erased in its on-going pursuit to keeping the planet free of art, expression, individuality, nudity, sexuality and many other Human characteristics. If you like his images, please go to IG and subscribe to his account. One day we shall be free from this tyranny.



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Kit Anghell