Koh Takeda



is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan






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My name is Koh Takeda and I am a photographer based in Tokyo, in Japan.

Light and darkness, good and evil in women are important timeless themes for me. I want to express my view of women in a beautiful way. While expressing this feminine beauty, the texture of the skin matters a lot to me. Depending on the work, the skin will look like porcelain, or silk, or yet milk. In this way pores, wrinkles and irregularities are eliminated as much as possible. According to some, this is a distinctive mark of my work.

I was interested in nude photography when I was a student. It was the first time I had a camera. Capturing frozen moments with a camera was interesting, of course, but the moment when the images form on photographic paper inside a darkroom feel more interesting to me.

I was inspired not only to invert negatives but also try various visual effects depending on creativity. The pleasure os developing is still the same while retouching a digital image. Shooting is just the first step in creating a work. When I press the shutter, I have the same feeling as if I was drawing a sketch on the field; developing and retouching are akin to coloring.

Enjoy my work!