Liu Zhaofu

Liu Zhaofu is a photographer from Jiangsu, China, now living in Beijing. 

He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of China Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute in 1998 and is an European Artists Image Association China Member. [read more below]


Mr. Liu Zhaoufu only provided us with information about his exhibitions as follows.

Photographic exhibitions:

March 2014: Wuhan. Spring Salon of Image 2014 "Speaking to Himself" - Nine People Joint Exhibition.

May 2016: The 16th French Arles International Human Body Photography Festival.

June 2016: 2016 French Roussillon Government Invitational Exhibition.

May 2017: The 6th Turks International Photography Festival was specially invited to participate.

October 2017: 2017 Beijing International Photography Week. East China's first instant video exhibition.

Contact information:

Photographer's IG: @liu.zhaofu

(The photographer requested that all models should remain anonymous.)