Mark Hillyer



is an photographer based in Melbourne, Australia



It is the immediacy of photography that I love. I am a perfectionist. I need to be in the moment as much as my subject needs to be. I try to get things right in camera but can spend time tweaking the crop until it's just right. To me, aspect ratio is also just as important as any of the other tools of composition. Most of all, moods, expressions, and the model's "presence" are extremely important.

I get frustrated – and often deflated - if I haven't captured "the moment". This can be the difference between the model breathing in or breathing out, but never holding it. I need to catch the right moment. Flowing though poses. I need to catch the right moment. Presence needs to be in "anonymous" bodyscapes. Character and personality in art nude if it suits the style of the image I am seeking. Break the rules? Certainly. But what are the rules? Something made up to be ignored? In a way, but in most cases they are simply attempts to document or explain what happens in that incredible image processing and pattern recognition system that is the human brain. In some people it is intuitive; in some it is strong but needs guidance; in some it is weaker and needs a framework.

(This is an extract of Mark Hillyer's text article, "Dissipating the Fog" - you can read the whole text in our Articles section, the link is right after the images!)



Also in WASEmag with the Portsea 2017 group photoshoot


Ayla Maya - not modelling
Cheryl - not modelling
Denisa Strakova - @denisastrakovaofficial
Freya Gallows - @bumpwolf
Gestalta - @gestalta
Keira Grant - @keiragrantart
Leah Velocity - @leahvelocity
Megan van de - @megan_van_de
Rei Jade - not modelling
Romahni Rose - @romahnirose
Stephanie Mat - @stephanie.may.model
Sylph Sia - @sylphsia
Trish Davis - @trish_davis9
Valentina - not modelling


Mark Hillyer