Rod Spark



Australian photographer
based in Sydney




Expressions of masculinity have changed a great deal in my lifetime. My father was the strong silent type who held everything in and never complained. His garden was his sanctuary even though he would never eat any of the organic green vegetables he grew.

Today my nephews are vastly more open about themselves and other people’s lives and choices. Growing up spanning that period I still wince sometimes when others challenge me for my sexuality or are aggressive to me or to others with what has come to be termed toxic masculinity.

This project explores the other side of masculinity - being male and vulnerable and being comfortable with that.


Rod Spark is a Sydney AU based photo artist working mostly with viewing the male form in ways that are not editorial or for advertising.

Rod has been a photojournalist, social documenter, sports / travel / wedding photographer and now, after completing a Masters in Art, is dedicated to exploring more artistic expressions of photography.

Rod Spark [Sydney, Australia]
IG: @rodsydney

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