Scott Rust



is an American photographer from Pensacola, Florida



Hand Wash Separately

I've been experimenting with adding unusual elements into photos, things that may appear just a bit odd or unusual, but not so out of place that it throws the focus off of the model.

The washing machine seemed like it just might overpower that focus, but what I discovered is that it simply depended on who was in the machine!

Ayeonna worked within the space the machine gave her, but her presence, the strength of her poses and her powerful gaze, never allowed the fact that she was standing in a washer to be that strange.


I've been doing photography in one form or another for 25+ years, starting off in film, moving to digital, then back to film several years ago.

I'm not a film purist, but I do love the variables that come from shooting it; how each camera renders images differently, and different films exposed in different ways, then developed by hand, come together to produce a unique feel for that shoot.

I'm interested in capturing personality through slower shoots, taking a collaborative approach with models by building relationships and including them in the process of creating.

Scott Rust [USA] - @rustypants_bnw

Ayeonna Fowler [USA] - @a.gabrielle19