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Iranian nude photographer based in Tehran



poems & images by Shahin

I am Shahin. I was born in Tehran, Iran. I am a poet but I am a photographer first of all. I have started taking photos since 2013; and people were in the center of my attention from the beginning.

I chose portrait style as my favorite one. I also tried to put my perspective on the inside of humans. This was the beginning of a very good event in my photography. Following the famous photographers around the world in nude style made me more familiar with this style. I took my first nude photo from a woman's waist, then I felt something different from imagining a subject.

In fact, nude photography and showing the body of a woman in Iran is taboo and actually an action in contradiction to Iranian culture. This kind of photography for me is in fact a struggle for art and beauty. The first problem in Iran is to find someone who is willing to cooperate, and the next problem is the location and the right place for this photography. At the end, posting these types of photos is illegal and contrary to culture and morality.

In other words, nude photography for me is a kind of discovery and portrayal of human beings. Shadows and lights are a kind of feeling which makes me calm, and I can illustrate the truth of a body with their help. Finally, nudity is not a kind of photography for me. It is a lifestyle with which I can express my point of view.


آنقدر دوستت دارم که
از خودم دست کشیدم
و کنار خیابان
خودم را جا گذاشتم
و تنها به خانه برگشتم

I love you so much
That i stopped myself
And by the street
I left myself
And I came home alone


تمام این سال ها رفت
که بفهمم
دیگر قرار نیست
در هیچ خیابان و حتی کوچه ای
اتفاقی هم دیگر را ببینیم

All these years gone
That i understood
The other is not going
In no streets or even alleys
We'll see each other by happened


بخاطر دیدن تو
شکل جدیدی از خودکشی ساختم
و میلیون ها دقیقه زل زدن به عکس تو

For seeing you
I created a new form of suicide
The watch,
And millions of minutes are gazing at your photo


اعتراف کرد
به نبودنش
به گریه هایم
به مسیر رفتنش
به شهر خلوت بعد از خودش
به کشتن من اعتراف کرد

She confessed
For herself absence
To my cries
To Going herself
To the silent of city after itself
She confess to killed me


We are honored to be publishing another artist from Iran, as we can only imagine how hard - impossible? - it can be to publish even those soft, poetic implied nudes in his own country.


Shahin Moghaddam



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