Thomas Bichler



is a photographer based at Lake Constance, southern Germany



Alpine Nude Art

Living at Lake Constance, right at the doorstep to the Swiss and Austrian Alps, it seemed natural to use this scenic landscape as the guiding theme of my work. Primarily I work as a LE-landscape photographer with an affinity to waterfalls and seascapes, but turn into an art nude photographer from time to time as well.

I’m solely working in black and white, which gives me the most possibilities to accent the lines, lights and forms I want to see as the main object in my pictures, no matter if landscape or nude art photography. I never liked pictures with too much information and prefer to work as minimalistic and puristic as possible.

I want to see everything in a quiet flow, I like wide, gentle surfaces and a reduction to individual elements. But basically, I just merge nature with nature into a unity of a vaste secluded, sometimes rough surrounding – like rocks, trees, ice or whitewater – and the soft lines and forms of a human body. It is like a continuous challenge for me to integrate humans into the landscapes and to make them a part of it.

As all my locations require a longer walk, sometimes even some mountain hiking and scrambling, my model and I get the perfect opportunity to “breath and feel” the countryside we want to work with. I would say the adventure is as important as the photoshoot itself. I think it is essential to get familiar with nature, to be aware of the force and danger it can arouse, but also to enjoy its fascinating beauty.


Thomas Bichler [DE] - @thomasbichlerphotography

Actual publications (calendars), available in bookstores, online and offline:
Akt am Wasserfall - various sizes, f.ex. DIN A3: ISBN 978-3-670-22752-6
Isle of Skye - long exposures, various sizes (German and Bristish calendarium), f.ex. DIN A3: ISBN 978-3-669-44226-8

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