Toby Maurer



is a photographer based in Asheville, North Carolina



It's only light until it hits an object and becomes art

I grew up in a world of art, surrounded by the many facets of design, abstraction, and creativity. Both of my parents were painters, the two owning a gallery in a small mountain town in Colorado. By virtue of them, I’ve seen life through the eyes of an artist. I was fortunate to do life drawing at the age of ten, alongside my parents and their students. I saw the human figure, the light and the shade as it hit the model. No shame, no stigma and no societal pressures telling me that nudity was anything but natural.

No matter the artist’s medium, it takes movement and timing to capture the right image that portrays the subject without judgement. I try to create pieces that empower the feeling of self-worth, self-love, and pride. Some of my models have never sat in front of a lens for anything other than a snapshot or selfie, let alone as a nude model. They are vulnerable and have trusted me with their dignity. To betray that confidence is unthinkable. I will not publish any image that they don’t approve and these same images should be able to be shared in general society without being seen as something other than a work of art.


The light can show everything or the shadow can swallow the same.

The resulting images are pieces that satisfy our need as humans to be seen and appreciated and most importantly, honored. Society has conditioned us to deem the naked form as ignominious, but through my work I hope to change that perception. When I'm not behind the lens I can be found running a boutique ad agency and cultivating a love for art with my two incredibly talented girls.




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Toby Maurer