Noah Zyla


I first saw a Polaroid camera in the summer of 1983, when my father’s friend, who had emigrated to Austria in the late 1970s, returned to visit my parents in Czechoslovakia. He had with him a Polaroid camera, and he used it to snap a photograph of my mother. That very iconic square photograph appeared from the front of the camera and developed immediately in our hands.

Years later, in 2014, I found that very same photograph of my mother. She was wearing a miniskirt and she was stepping elegantly from a car. After so many years, I still remembered that astounding feeling of holding a fast-developing photographic print in my hand.

I had found that photograph at a time when I craved something creative to improve my work/life balance. A few days later, I bought my first Polaroid camera, I had an SX-70 of my own. I quickly became obsessed with the technical sides of instant photography and captivated with being able to easily create a photographic print. I also almost immediately began to collect vintage Polaroid cameras.

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