Sad truths about censorship and globalization

It’s both fitting and sad that my first post for The Naked Truth turns out to be about censorship and how much the current model of globalization is closer to "bigger fish can eat all smaller fish in the pond", but not the other way around.

As I’m working on some deep transformations for WASEmag's website, from having members-only paid content that will benefit creators to having our site translated into a gazillion languages to having a forum … I hit walls all the time.

Good thing that I'm a headbanger, though not of the heavy metal variety.

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What is 'Naked Truth' - this blog - about?

I’ll talk about what makes WASEmag tick and much more here. I’ll share insights I gained by talking to different cultures and so many different individuals.

Most of all I want to share, because the core of WASEmag is obviously photography but it’s also a community of people who like making creative images of other people.

This blog is titled “The Naked Truth” for two reasons: first, it’s about a ‘naked people’ magazine. And then I’d like it to be honest. There’s no single truth but if I strip my words of marketing business sales propaganda intentions … you’ll get pretty close to what I think.

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