** NOTICE: Oops! October is not finished yet but we don’t have any more available slots for publication in 2018. We won’t be accepting new unrequested submissions until mid-November.
Thanks to all of you who are contributing for our growth!

Who can submit?

Photographers and models.
If you're a photographer, you need to have a model release form and/or an agency release.
If you're a model, please ask the photographer to send us your images directly OR if you own the rights to your images, you can submit them directly using the form below.
[* You must include the photographer’s name, a valid e-mail and his site or IG feed.]

What we are looking for?

Something else. Really. There should be one or more human beings on the images. We prefer nudes as we consider nudity to be a form of minimalism: we're not interested in fashion, styling or accessories.
Images must be expressive and creative.
We are looking for the uncanny, the weird, the queer, the unseen. We want that which is vital, necessary, urgent: images where everyone involved felt as if they couldn't be happy without doing that.

What we don't accept?

We don't publish commercial work, as good as it may be. No criticism, it's just not our editorial line.
We don't publish work where production or digital effects become more important than the people in the images.
We don't publish images with any kind of censorship - squares, stars, blurs, digital blackening of body parts etc.
Your images cannot be watermarked.

We reply to all submissions, even if to politely say we won't publish your work.

If we decline, please don't be discouraged: we've all had images refused before. Most of the times, it is about what a publication wants. We are just selecting images that we believe are adequate for our publication, we’re not judging their merits outside this context.

Please read the legal terms below before submitting, they are important.

Legal terms - simplified version

(1) Your images remains yours and you can use it as you please for social media, your portfolio, the model's social media ... just don't send the same images to another magazine.
We invest a lot of time and money, as well as our combined team's editorial, design and marketing expertise to provide you with a privileged space that you share with top photographers from the globe. We create printed editions (layout, cover, artwork, texts plus operational duties and then printing) at our own expense.
Being photographers and models ourselves, we believe it's fair that, in exchange, you allow us to have exclusive magazine publication rights for a small set of your images.
You can look at this in another way: it's by creating exclusivity all over the chain that we can enhance the value of our combined work and make it more relevant.
We reserve the right to remove your images from this site, our social media channels and refuse to print an essay it if this clause is broken.    

(2) As a photographer, you assure WASEmag that:
a. the work is yours and you have the necessary rights and permissions from other people involved, specially models, to reproduce it; and
b. when nudity is involved you assure us that both you and the model were over 18 years old (or the legal age of majority in your country, if higher) at the time of the shoot. 

(3) You formally grant us the right to freely use your images on this site, on our Instagram feed, on any other social network (such as - but not limited to - Flickr, Twitter, Vero, Ello and Facebook) under the name of this magazine, on PDF or print editions of the magazine, special issues and other such material when and if they become available.

(4) We never charge authors, but since we need to generate revenue we'll have some form of subscription, print or PDF magazine sales as well as Patreon and/or other revenue generating systems based on what we publish.
In such cases, you specifically allow us to sell a print / PDF edition containing the work you're sending us, or to have an on-line viewing form of the magazine AS A WHOLE, always involving a group of published photographers, as well as in any other form of publication, paid viewing platform, digital or otherwise, that we see fit.

(5) This agreement DOES NOT allow WASEmag to sell individual images or a set of images to third parties.

(6) If you publish some of the images you sent us on your social nets, we'd appreciate if you link them to this site - - and create a story or post on your Instagram feed when the images are published. That helps everyone's work to get seen by more people!

(7) We will reproduce credits exactly as they are sent them to us. You are the sole responsible for sending us model / MUA / assistant etc names and, if pertinent, IG / site accounts. 

Make sure you've read the "Legal terms - simplified version" above. By submitting your work this is the legal framework protecting and regulating your intelectual rights, which we respect, and WASEmag's right to publish.

I'm new to photography and I only have 50 followers. Can I submit?

You MUST. Creation means change. Change is necessary for evolution and only people who can risk not being accepted right away can produce change. 

From impressionism to cubism, from Picasso to Van Gogh to Pollock ... no one cared about "followers" and painters that are "worth a fortune" didn't care about fortunes.

They cared about what they were doing, they cared about art and the need to express something.

We care about your images. They must be really good. That's all we'll be looking at.  



Do you have a print version?

Yes. According to our plans, the magazine will be printed before the end of September 2018. We will use a quality POD (print-on-demand) supplier and it will be distributed worldwide by Amazon and possibly others. There will be an electronic (ebook) version as well.

Please note that, due to size and cost considerations, not all images from all essays will be available in print, but ALL will be included in the final, paid PDF editions.